Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Store is OPEN

Here it is!  The new "OPEN" sign is finished and up on the door this morning.  I backed it with another layer of Timtex (covered with fabric) and added six magnetic strips to the back.  Now I just hope that the sun doesn't fade it too fast.
In the "what have I gotten myself into?" category, I need to make some Christmas-type quilted objects, ornaments, wall hangings, etc. to be ready for a couple of craft shows in December.  I know that sounds a long way off, but I need to start now if I'm going to have enough items to sell to make it worthwhile.  I'm working on some ornaments currently and will give people a peek soon.

I'm also hand quilting on the star quilt ... probably about half done.  I do love the speed of big stitch.   

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