Monday, September 12, 2011

Stars Meet Big Stitch

Here it is, basted and ready to go!  Isn't it interesting to see that at this angle it is readily apparent that the blue solid DID have a right and wrong side?  You don't notice it as much when viewing it straight on.  I don't mind ... it fits with the scrappy feel of the project.
One friend marveled that I still "thread basted".  Well, all I can say is that I have a TON of white cone thread and I don't mind doing it.  I'm not subjecting myself to toxic fumes from basting spray, either.  I've said before that if you are in it for speed, you're in the wrong sport!!!

I'm quilting with #12 pearl cotton.  To accentuate the stars, I am quilting 1/4" around them with natural.  All of the rest of the quilt will be quilted with a dusty blue #12 that is about the same color as the lighter blue in the border.
I continue to work on the strip quilt project.  I have about a dozen of the 48 small (8") squares pieced.  I mentioned earlier that I thought I should control the values more ... I had a little talk with myself over the weekend and told myself to GET OVER IT, IT'S A SCRAP QUILT.  One thing I considered is how much I like old, old quilts where the contrast really varies from block to block.  Anyway, I'll have more of that to show off soon.

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Peaceful Piecer said...

I use thread or pins to baste. I can't tolerate the spray baste fumes. Love your stars!