Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday at the Quilt Shop

The time has come to retire the OLD SIGN.  It has blown off the door, cracked and split, one too many times.  I devised a plan and started in, fusing and stitching, using Timtex as a firm base.
What's wrong with this picture?  Things were moving right along until I was ready to cut out the letters.  I had forgotten to reverse them!  For the O and E it didn't make any difference.  For the P and N it DID make a difference.  Rookie mistake!  Back to the fusible. ...
Here's where I am so far.  The letters are finished with machine buttonhole stitch.  The colored backgrounds were connected with a wide zig-zag.  A little too wide as it turned out, because my machine skipped stitches.  I've masked these areas with freezer paper and will stencil over it to camouflage the flawed stitching.  That was it for the day, because in the afternoon, we got busy.

Here is my good friend, Sue, who stopped in to show me her selvage quilt top.  She took a class from me earlier in the year and ended up enjoying selvages as much as I do (well, maybe almost as much).  Looks great!  Now she has to figure out how to quilt it.  The top is heavy because the selvages were pieced to foundation blocks.
The rest of the afternoon was taken up (between customers) with helping Sharon thread baste this charming quilt, pieced from Aunt Grace and other 30's reproductions.  She'll be hand quilting and I look forward to seeing the finished product.  (Sharon on the left, another SUE on the right.)


Dawn Hendrix said...

LOVE the new SIGN.... drove past your place today {sun} by accident.... yup was lost.... anyway Sign looks GOOD!

rush said...

the open sign was a big duh! in my book. it should have been done years ago!!! i thought of it, but did i mention it or make it? nooooooooo. looks good, lori. i miss you, the two sues and sharon...and everyone else!