Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working Together

Here is a sweet little quilt that took YEARS to finish.  Because my mother embroiders so much better than I do, I gave her the Sunbonnet Sue blocks to embroider.   When they were finished, she gave them back to me.

I came up with a simple sashing and border plan for the blocks, using 30's reproduction prints.  Then, as is often the case with me (sadly), the quilt top was "put away".  Mom kept asking me when we were going to finish the quilt, so about two years ago, I sandwiched it and wrapped it for a Christmas present, complete with new needles, thread, marking pen and needle threader.

Mom had quilted the majority of the center of the quilt when she said that she really was really having trouble seeing well enough to continue, so back it came.  Guess what?  I put it away again!  When I was making plans to visit in June (60th anniversary AND Dad's 85th birthday), I decided to get the quilt out and see what it still needed to be done.  I spent an intensive couple of weeks finishing the hand quilting and binding the quilt.  It was done in time!!
I had planned to have a picture taken with Mom and I together holding the quilt, but in the excitement of the visit, I completely forgot.  One of their good friends stepped in, took a picture and sent it to me.  So here are Mom and Dad and the quilt.  Click to see it a little closer.  The blocks really are pretty. 

Now, for something completely different, I have started another improvisational quilt (see Pamela Allen).  The feeling had been coming on me for a while and what pushed me over the edge was a visit this afternoon from my good friend, Katherine.  She was working on an art quilt for an online challenge and I decided that the time was right for me to play.

Here's the background and some of the other fabrics that I may use.
Once I decided on the placement, I stitched everything down with embroidery floss (3 strands) using the ladder stitch.  Now I have a setting for a new design.  Stay tuned....

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