Sunday, July 17, 2011

Progress Report - Stars

I love the way my little stars project is coming together!  I made one more star, then set them together with the help of the sketch I had made earlier.
Now that I've gotten this far, I am rethinking what I want to do with the borders.  I am usually very lazy with borders - two borders, one narrow, one wide and I'm done.  This time I'm leaning toward something pieced....

I wasn't too inspired this Sunday afternoon, so was quilting (in the ditch) the little PEEP quilt last seen in the April post "Strips and Peep" (where does the time go???)  I'm kind of stuck as far as what else it needs beyond the very basic quilting that I'm working on.  

Lucky for me, my good friend Peggy called and I went to play in her wonderful sewing room.  I had had so much fun making stars that I decided to cut out another star project.  This one has a very pale green background and I am using blue, green and aqua in the stars.  Also, 9" blocks instead of 6".  I've made lots of star points, so will start making the actual stars soon.  Here is a preview.