Sunday, July 3, 2011

In the Pink

I've just finished the little project made with the "orphan" quilt block.  Here's what I started with, plus a string of little pieced squares.
Here's what it looks like now, quilted and bound and embellished with a big yarn and bead heart.  It was a fun, quick project!  (Click on the picture for a closer, detailed view.)
I also finished the little bag that I showed in progress on the double pointed needles.  Then and now:

The next things I'll tackle are some unfinished projects (surprise) that need attention.  One is a lap quilt that was the result of a round robin project.  I'm hand quilting and probably about 1/3 done.  Another is a larger quilt top that is partially pieced (I think all the blocks are done).  It will be a shop sample with kits.  Who knows what else I'll get into?

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