Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Discipline

OK, I know that a lot of other quilters will identify with this.  After working last night and all morning on the "serious" quilt that I showed yesterday..........I totally fell off the wagon!  One of those ideas in my head got more and more insistent until it just popped out!

I think you can see where this is going!  I have been a fan of Tonya Ricucci since I found her mentioned on Bonnie Hunter's website.  I love the wacky, crooked letters and have used them before, once in the shop banner that we take to quilt shows and use as a logo on the website.
Tonya's book Word Play Quilts is new and I recommend it.  What else is in store for the bunny quilt?  I haven't done any reverse applique for a while.  I'll do a crazy patch piece of bright, springy, pastel colors, then reverse applique the bunny outline, something that I learned from Jan Mullen's book Reverse Applique With No Brakez

Some of my quilting buddies were online today, talking about cleaning and sorting stashes, including pre-cutting pieces to be used at a later date.  WHY?  With my luck, I would NEVER need the sizes I had cut!  That would just take away from sewing time!  I'd rather dig through the pile and pull out likely candidates like I did today.  I don't mean that my stash is super messy.  Fabrics are folded and stacked, mainly grouped by size.  The only fabrics I have segregated are the 30's prints and batiks.  Just my 2 cents.

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True Blue Nana said...

You have made me laugh this afternoon! I don't get the cleaning, sorting and definitely not the pre-cutting. Whenever I do that I later change my mind! I need to come see you soon.