Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big Stitch Quilting

Yesterday and today I worked on a table runner that I'm hand quilting with #12 pearl cotton and an embroidery needle.  I've quilted quite a few things this way in the past few years (taught workshop for Kinston, NC quilt guild last year) and really enjoy it for a number of reasons.  One is that it is faster than traditional hand quilting with tiny needle and quilting thread.  Another reason is that it adds a decorative element.  It can look "country" or it can mimic sashiko for a dressier look.
Like the scrappy pink pineapple that I showed in an earlier post, I'll be using this as a sample during my "Binding 101" class on Feb. 19.  Then I'll have a few more FINISHED pieces to show off.  Here's another picture, taken a little closer, so hopefully the stitching will show up:


Sue said...

I need to learn more about this, love how it looks!

jjnelson said...

Beautiful hand work! I love how the floral laid out as well; very cool!!