Friday, March 14, 2014

Free-Form #5

Finished!  I hung up the black back-drop so I could take some snazzy pictures today.   This is my third free-form quilt pieced, but the fifth finished.  I was so carried away with the project with the circles that it took precedence, then I had to finish the other for the Mancuso show.  I finished the last stitching on the hanging sleeve this morning.

Yesterday was so STRANGE at the quilt shop.  All of my customers came in the same two hour window. Needless to say, I had a lot of time on my hands.

There is a cupboard in the next room, around the corner from the check-out. It is the catch all for scraps, pieces that are mis-cut, leftovers from projects, etc.

The piles were getting more and more tippy all the time.  The smallest scraps were in the boxes.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE scrap quilts.  But I have a quilt shop full of pretty fabrics and I really need to use those fabrics, especially in store samples.  So in all of that free time yesterday I sorted and sorted.  A good friend who is a prolific art quilter will be the recipient of a pretty good sized tote bag full of  pieces ranging from 2" squares to almost fat quarters.


*Note that the precious batik hoard is not stored in that cupboard and I don't discard a bit of it!!  


P. said...

It's so striking, especially against the black backdrop. Love it!

LoriM said...

I love this one! I still haven't returned to mine. Since I was inspired by my garden, I think things will have to be green again before I get back to it. :)