Thursday, December 13, 2012

Woven Stars

As promised, here is how to make the woven stars shown yesterday.  I made these YEARS ago with basket reed and we called them "Carolina Snowflakes".  I don't know what the original source was then or now.

First, use your favorite fusible product to fuse fabric front and back to card stock.  Make the pieces approximately 6 1/2" square, so you have room to trim to a perfect 6" square after fusing.  Next, cut the 6" square into twelve strips 1/2" wide.  I have one rotary cutter that is marked and only used for paper and crafts - don't use your best cutter!
Next, begin a front and back by weaving 3 x 3 strips.  Leave about 1/8" space between each strip and glue (ordinary white glue) all the intersections.  Wait for this step to dry.
This next step is where I got confused.  I had to look up woven stars on "Google" images to see which way to make the twist.  You'll need to clip these twisted corners to keep them in place until they are dry.  I used my new Wonder Clips.  Once again, wait until the glue is dry.
Now you have two identical pieces.  Place them back to back with the center bowed out.  Slip a straight end through a glued point and glue it in place.  Clip to hold.  Repeat all the way around, four on one side and four on the other side.  Almost done.

 When everything is dry, go back and trim the points.  Add a hanging string.


Brenda said...

Thanks for the tutorial. have you tried this with paper or cardstock?

Lori R said...

I said at the beginning of the instructions that I used card stock.

P. said...

Great tutorial. What is your favorite fusible for this type of thing?

Lori R said...

I had some free "Heat and Bond" that someone gave me. For quilts I use "Steam a Seam".