Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spiral No. 3 Ready to Quilt

Here it is, the new spiral with sides and corners attached.  I admit that I cheated and cropped the picture so that the uneven outside edges don't show!  I'm going to layer it and quilt with big stitch, probably adding some buttons and beads in the process.  I won't clean up the edges until I'm ready for to finish it - maybe a traditional binding or maybe I'll add a facing.  Time will tell.  I'm totally out of all the fabrics that I used, except for small scraps.  I was getting a little nervous as I approached the point where I needed to add the larger corner triangles! 


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Brenda said...

looks great. if you want another way of finishing off a spiral like this, check out my tutorials at scrapsandstrings.blogspot. I have one about joining curved piecing -- I made a bunch of roses and joined them that way.