Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The March Challenge

I have made MAJOR progress on the challenge due in March.  It began with a bag containing an odd assortment of fabric and embellishments.  I was quite put off for a while, because the first thing I pulled out was an ancient JoAnn's panel intended to make a tie-dyed looking circle skirt.  Ick.  Then I had a talk with myself and realized that that's what a challenge is all about.  If I had been given "pretty" things, I would have tried to make a pretty quilt.  What I had instead was a very disparate grouping of odds and ends, including one needle felted flower and several black or red sewn and turned shapes.  It made me think of recycling, so that's the direction that I took.

Way back in May, I played around and began the quilt top.  Here's what I had on the design wall.
I was feeling pretty good about the progress I had made and I put the project away for a while.  Now, suddenly the first weekend in March is getting closer and it's time to get serious.  I finished the top last night and basted it.  This morning I machine quilted it.  
Close-up of quilting.
I made good use of the remains of the panel, using it for backing.
Those are my basting stitches that you see.  They will come out and I will add some embellishments by hand.  Here's the binding cut and a few of the goodies I may use.

Today is December 18, a special day!
I'm wishing Keith Richards a very happy 69th birthday!!

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