Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fabric Graffiti

On Saturday, the Artrageous Quilters met here at the store.  The weather cooperated, so we ended up out on the porch, painting two lengths of muslin with acrylic paints.
There were a lot of people playing ring-around-the-rosy with foam brushes and plastic plates of paint!  For a while, it looked like we might end up with a muddy mess.  But, after the first layer was dry, we went back and added a lot of detailing with smaller brushes and stamp pads.  The results were GREAT!!

We are going to have a CHALLENGE with our graffiti fabric.  The original two yards would only yield 8 fat quarters, so we may have to pass out fat eighths.  The was some talk of getting some of the fabric reproduced at "Spoonflower" here in Mebane, NC.  Either way, it will be a while before you see this fabric again.  We already have another challenge in progress 

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P. said...

Looks like a blast!