Saturday, August 20, 2011


I needed a change of pace, so decided to start this cute Halloween wall hanging.  It will become a class and kit, so I need a finished sample.  The first step was to cut nine orange squares and fuse different Jack-O-Lantern faces on each.  Then, I went around each black shape by machine with black thread and buttonhole stitch.  That took a while!
The next step was to sew green triangles onto all the corners of all the blocks.  It is a LOT faster to position one piece of masking tape than it is to mark a line down the center of 36 squares, so I used a method that I've shown here before.
I trimmed the excess fabric and pressed the triangles out.  Next came the rows.
I thought I'd get a little farther today, but I'm running out of steam.  Tomorrow is another day!  I think I'll go work on a little applique now... 

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jjnelson said...

I will definitely need the pattern!!