Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Natural Disasters

Hmmm ..... Last Tuesday we had an earthquake.  Then on Saturday, Hurricane Irene arrived.  Lots and lots of yard work followed.  We also have to find someone to repair the roof at our store.  I am happy to report that, even though we have sprung several leaks, NO FABRIC WAS HARMED.

We have lived in North Carolina for 26 years, but have only been affected by hurricanes two other times:  1996 Hurricane Fran and 1999 Hurricane Floyd.  I discovered after Fran's destruction, the only thing that cheered me up was....
Sorry, folks, today's post doesn't have anything to do with quilting or crafts.  Just in case you don't believe in my serious Rolling Stones addiction (specifically Keith Richards), let me show you what is hanging on my living room wall.....
As long as I am being silly, I might as well show you a picture of a cute little guy I spotted truckin' across the driveway today.  I love turtles!

I'm sewing tonight, so hopefully I will have something fiber-related to show tomorrow.

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