Thursday, August 11, 2011

That Short Attention Span Again!

When I sat down today  I wondered why I didn't have more to show for myself.  I HAVE been sewing every day, on one project or another!  Here is the peep quilt, finally finished.  I quilted it by machine (mostly in the ditch) with my trusty Gem Gold.  I wanted to embellish it a bit, but didn't feel very inspired.  The result was four shiny pink buttons in the corners, eye on the chick and two beaded flowers in the empty squares.
Then I realized that I've been making steady progress on my star quilt.  I've been preparing the freezer paper applique elements slowly buy surely.  Yes, tedious, but the results are worth it.  The outside border is on and ready to go.  I've been stalling a bit, not sure of the "vine" fabric.  I have some green solid already cut, but I'm not sure......
Once I'm settled on the vine, the rest will go fairly quickly.

And it's my own darn fault that projects take so long, because I keep getting distracted.  OOPS, knitting!
The last thing for today's show and tell is a picture of the latest "Dear Jane" blocks.  Now I have 32.


True Blue Nana said...

You have been busy! I love the stripe on the Peep quilt.

Tonya Ricucci said...

the Peep quilt is cute!