Sunday, May 29, 2011


Last Monday, Julie and I decided to have the first ever challenge in our "Non-Traditional" quilt group.  Julie suggested making a block without using a ruler.  I put off my homework assignment, just like in high school.  Tonight, the night before we meet, I decided to get started.

The first thing I did was pull some fabrics that I liked.
I had an idea involving a BIRD.  Maybe I could make a simple ground and sky, then drop in a little bird or two.
The first attempt was kind of BORING.  I just did "sew and flip" with scissors-cut strips and the seams turned out almost straight.

Then I decided to employ the curved piecing method that I used in last week's purple blocks and I liked the results much better.
I even gave my birds a branch!  Now I've cut out a couple of paper birds to play around with for placement.  I'll use the gold fabric seen in the first picture for my birds.
Sure hope Julie lets me use a ruler to square the edges in the end!

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