Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Strips and Strings

Today I finished the table runner with string pieced blocks.  It is approx.14" x 42".  Couldn't resist a few buttons.  This will look nice on a table in the fall.
I have a few more strip piecing ideas to explore, so tonight I pulled out some scraps and began to piece some triangles.  First I had to decide if it would be totally scrappy or have a color scheme.  I ran across several reds that I liked, then I found an older green calico that had red and yellow, so that became the plan.
These can be pieced with or without paper of course, but I think that I can sew faster and straighter with a foundation.  I'll start out with a hexagon and see how that goes.
I made a few extra pieces for "visual aids" when I give my little demo in a couple of weeks.  When I packed the scraps back into the tote bag where I found them, it didn't look like anything was missing.  Scrap piecing is like that, you sew and sew and sew and the scraps seem to multiply!

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