Saturday, May 21, 2011

String Pieced Table Runner

About a week ago, I thought had a great idea.  I was going to make strip pieced blocks using phone book pages as the foundation.  I got busy and made enough for a table runner.
The paper was thin and the blocks were ready in no time.  I trimmed them to 6 1/2" square and sewed them together.  The fun started when I started to remove the paper.  In the past I have used both Carol Doak paper-piecing paper, and sometimes plain old copy paper.  No problem.  The phone book paper was HARD to take off!  They must add something to the composition of that tissue thin paper to make it strong!  Wish I had figured that out earlier.

Finally, the paper was off and most of the crumbs removed from the seams.  I sewed the blocks together in two rows of six blocks.  Here it is, basted and ready to go.  In a non-traditional departure, I'm going to machine quilt with a decorative stitch, then add borders, narrow on the sides and wider on the ends.  The fabric on the bolt is what I've chosen for the borders and binding.
Last, but not least, here are a couple of fun pictures of the QWAC's, the great bunch that belong to my Friday drop-in group at the store.  QWAC stands for Quilting Women Acting Crazy!  Some of them come early to get a good seat.....we've been known to run out of chairs.

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Sally Hamilton said...

Well, off to the recycling center for all those phone books!