Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wish me Luck

I'm taking a few things in to the gallery where I had my quilts on exhibit earlier.  They're very miscellaneous in regards to subjects, techniques, and color.  Maybe I will be able to sell a couple.  I have PILES of stuff like this.

"Candy Hearts" started out with a leftover block and some strip sets from a friend's quilt.  The hearts are yarn couched onto the machine quilted piece with beads added in the process.   The tails are hanging free.

"Strips 'N Buttons" came from an idea I saw in a magazine.  I love string quilts and the prairie points were a fun addition.  This little quilt was hand quilted with pearl cotton and the buttons added last.

"Rabbit Run" is from the archives!  I made this quite a few years back.  It is hand reverse applique over a crazy patch base, the idea coming from Jan Mullen's book Reverse Applique With No Brakez.  It is machine quilted.

Last is this simple runner made with crookedly pieced blocks set on point. You've seen it recently;  did I ever show you the back?

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