Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lost and Lost

I wish that the title of this post was "Lost and Found".  I've lost another UFO! Just about a week ago, I made a 12 1/2" block for a display at our fall quilt show:

The quilt show is titled "Rainbow of Quilts" and each quilter is assigned a color.  All of the blocks will be displayed at the show and then later assembled into donation quilts.  I decided to use the method that Scott Murkin demonstrated at our recent workshop.  I cut and swapped, cut and swapped, until I had this cute block finished, pressed, ready to go.  I am keeping it is plain sight until I need it in September.  

The thing is, I cut 20 orange squares.  The math works out that no matter how much cutting and swapping you do, the number of squares that you start out with is the number of strippy squares you will end up with. SOOO...... I only used 4 squares for the block shown above. 

Yesterday, I decided that I would like to play with the remaining 16 squares, in their various stages of completion, and put together either a wall hanging or table topper.  Do you think I could find them?  NO.

Well, thank goodness I am the queen of UFO's.  While rummaging in the closet, I found the top of a table runner.  I looked WAY, WAY back in my pictures and found it in progress in September of 2012.

You see, it was a demo for a quilt show.  After the show, I packed it up and put it away.  Why, I don't know.  I had even added borders and packed enough of the border fabric with it for binding.  Anyway, yesterday it came out of the closet, was basted and machine quilted.  All I have left is the binding.

Why have I been MIA again?  Last weekend I was lucky enough to be one of the vendors at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium on the campus of UNCW in Wilmington, NC.

It's a pain to set it up and tear it down, but the two days in the booth were like a big party.  I saw old friends, quilters from all over and even had a chance to speak briefly to Jane Sassaman and Georgia Bonesteel, two of the professional teachers there for the event.

Last, but not least, I've got to show you my latest discovery.  I may call them "Hillbilly Bifocals".  My previous glasses were bifocals, but the bifocal part wasn't strong enough, so I ended up taking my glasses off to see up close. They were so expensive that I delayed getting new glasses and when I did, I got single vision lenses.  A friend told me about one of the quilters in the guild wearing (cheap) reading glasses on top of her regular glasses and by golly, it works!  I'm keeping the reading glasses on a chain so I can keep track of them.

Maybe they'll help me find some of the lost projects.

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P. said...

I hope the missing pieces turn up somewhere, but I do love the table runner you found and finished! I am laughing at the "hillbilly bifocals" but whatever works! I am one of those who has single-vision glasses but have to take them off (or look underneath the lenses) to see up close. I may have to give this a try. Necessity is the mother of invention!