Thursday, June 12, 2014

Christmas in June?

This is all part of the long, sad saga of the lost projects.  I still have not found the missing orange squares or the long absent set of selvage blocks. Come to think of it, I haven't run across the last pieced bird blocks I made either.


On Tuesday I was rummaging through a box of very miscellaneous old UFO's and found the pieces to a Christmas wall hanging that I started YEARS ago!  I had selected all but the center background fabric, then drawn and fused the necessary stars and circles, then tucked it back into the magazine and forgot about it.

If you love it, it's from December 2005 issue of Quilter's World Magazine.  The caption at the top says: 


I finished cutting out the fused shapes last night.  This morning I pieced the background.  I need to find a white for the patch of snow at the bottom and then I can put it all together.

I'll probably be able to finish it up quickly like the table runner last week. Here is a picture of it finished, with a glimpse of the back, too.

I was poking around in the store closet yesterday.  That's where the large UFO's live, quilt tops safely hanging on garment hangers.  Does anyone else have this problem???  I found a box marked "small Christmas scraps".  I'm giving all of that away.  I looked and they really were small.  I like to "make" fabric a la Gwen Marston, but right now, there is no time in my life for something that fiddly.  I keep producing scraps anyway, so I'm not worried.

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