Friday, April 18, 2014

You knew it had to happen!

 So naturally, I had to try out some selvage birds!

I had one block left from the bright batik birds project, so I made a word to go along (another fun thing to do, see Tonya Ricucci's book Word Play Quilts.) 

Then I tried some LITTLE BIRDS.  It's coming together, but I think I'll have to let it simmer for a while. 

Some of my friends answered the call for dog and cat tags.  Why do I want them???  They make fun earrings, light-weight and conversation starters!!

Yes, I admit it, I haven't been able to settle down and work on any one thing too long.  But, remember the pile of green fabric from a couple of days ago?

It has become Kwik Scrappy Log Cabin blocks.  (Yes, I carry these patterns in the store).  Karie of Two Kwik Quilters has devised a wonderful system for piecing twelve blocks QUICKLY.  I've just come up with the layout I like, you see the numbered stickers still on the centers of the blocks.  I am making up kits to take to the quilt shows this season also. 

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P. said...

Your selvage birds are adorable! And I love those green scrappy log cabins. Such a cute pattern!