Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Strata Progress

Here's where I last stopped in the strata story:

I continued to cut and sew, cut and sew, finally laying my blocks out in no particular order.  (Most blocks contain six different fabrics.)

Many layouts were possible.  I settled on a "barn raising" setting.

That was just a tiny bit boring.  It would be more interesting if it was asymmetrical.  So, I went back to work and made more blocks.  I just finished sewing the blocks and rows together.   

All that's left is the quilting.  This piece does not need a border.  For now, I'll just look at it hanging on the wall.  Another quilt needs quilting attention today ...


P. said...

Oh, I really, really like this! The setting you went with seems perfect. I would love to try this method of piecing sometime.

rush said...

I love this. The final layout was great!