Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fun With Scott Murkin

I attended a quilt workshop with Scott Murkin a couple of years ago and saw what a good and enthusiastic teacher he is.  I couldn't wait to sign up when I hear that he was coming back to little old Washington, NC.  The subject was "Strata Quilts".

Early birds getting set up and plugged in.

Close-up of one of Scott's strata quilts.

You start with squares.  These were Diane's my table mate.
And here's what she had mid-way through class.
The more slicing and sewing you do, the more interesting the blocks become.

Scott explaining one of the first steps.

More cutting, more sewing.

We left after seeing a multitude of ideas for using our finished blocks.  It was great fun!  Now I just have to find some TIME!!!

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P. said...

That looks like such fun!