Friday, November 8, 2013

Still Wondering Which Way?

Most of my week was a continuation of catching up after my trip to NYC.  I placed a couple of online orders, met with a fabric rep, VACUUMED, cut and folded about 100 fat quarters and prepared samples for a demo I'm giving for the Tar River Piecemakers Quilting Guild in Rocky Mount, NC tomorrow.

Last night, I finished appliqueing the circles to the latest free-form strip quilt. I'm still not sure which end is up, though!  I selected a backing fabric that includes birds, so I'd like to decide before I put the layers together to quilt.

While I sewed last night, "the girls" and I enjoyed a concert that included a Rolling Stones video, then CD's by Lou Reed, John Cale and John Hartford.  I think "the girls" enjoyed it.  I did. 

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P. said...

I think I like the top one with the vertical strips best. On its side, I tend to see H's. Love this quilt!