Thursday, November 14, 2013

Busy Times

The posts have been few and far between, not because there's nothing to show, but because there has been so much going on.  First of all, the quilting on the latest free-form string quilt has begun.

Temperatures here dipped into the 20"s last night, so I'd better hurry up with this knitted vest.  The back is almost finished.

A little bit of work has gone into the "Shop Hop Quilt", but I can't show that until February. 

There's a class coming up on Saturday.  It's the "Pagodas" pattern from Maple Island Quilts.  I've made it before, but gave the quilt as a gift.  I'm liking my sample blocks so well that I think that I'll make it at least throw size.

Yesterday, things really went crazy.  I had a fabric rep in to visit in the AM. While she was there, a massive delivery arrived.  Before I could get all the new fabric processed, customers came.

And right in the middle, a man came in wanting to buy a quilt!  It turned out that he wanted a big quilt to hang on a big wall and he liked one that I had back in the closet (a sample from earlier days).  It needed a sleeve though, so that's what I did last night.

Whew!  So that more or less brings things up to date.  The kitties are cold too.  This is what greeted me last night when it was time for bed.

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