Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Design Wall Progress

I had a chance to work on the new free-form quilt for quite a while on Saturday.

Notice that the bright yellow box with an X was remodeled, and didn't end up in the upper left-hand corner. In the last picture, I have started to sew the elements together.  The yellow H is not going to make it to the final cut ....


This color scheme came about because I found a solid, very, very bright yellow/orange.  I called it "screaming yellow".  I thought it would look great with olives and aquas and I gathered some together.  Then Katherine contributed quite a few more.

I went on vacation for a week.  When I was ready to start, I cut up a bunch of strips from Katherine's fabric and added the back and yellow as accents.  It was only AFTER the Saturday sewing session that I found the other group of my own fabrics, including my inspiration piece!  I forgot it!!  I was even thinking as I worked that a yellow fabric with just a hint more orange in it would really spark things up.  I'm going to finish this piece as is.  Then I'll start another.

Someone noted that it had been quite a while since I posted any pictures of "the girls".  Here's what two disgruntled cats looked like when they got back from the vet's this AM (rabies boosters).  I am feeding them a cat food formula that is supposed to be lower calories, but they had both gained;  each weighed in at over 15 pounds.

Baby and Cassie

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Poor Baby. Poor Cassie.