Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yes, I HAVE been sewing!

I do not know what happened to May.  Only two posts!  I have been sewing, but not working on big projects.  I've made several new samples for the store.

1)  I usually say that I don't like to sew clothes.  I made an exception for this pattern "A Little Something Jacket" by CNT Pattern Company, Aspen Colorado.  The pattern has been a best-seller at the store and a sample was long overdue.  I made the simple, unlined jacket in one evening.

2)  "Suzy's Sack" is another cute idea suggested by my sister-in-law, Jeri.  Some of my quilting/golfing customers have decided that it is just the right size of golf tees.  The way the handle is made makes it easy to clip to the outside of a golf bag.

3)  Along with a line of fabric featuring OWLS, I've got panels to make these simple soft counting books.  From South Seas Imports, the "Owl Wonderful" collection.

4)  Here's what's on the schedule for today.  The pattern "Erogette", by two North Carolina quilters, Lisa Alley and Karen Fridy, includes the rust-dyed center panel.  I'll get those outer borders sewed on and layer to quilt before the day is done.  It will be another big-stitch project.......

Speaking of big stitch, the latest string quilt is finished.  It's been in the works for quite a while.  The binding was finished last night.  One of my friends was wondering about the size, it's 38" x 51".  Remember, it started with a plastic box labeled "feed sack scraps".  I made as many blocks as I could from that box and that determined the size.  

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