Thursday, June 20, 2013

Is it a Disease?

Tomorrow and Saturday, I will be in a workshop with Rayna Gillman, author of Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts.  I am so excited!  This morning, I spent a lot of time cutting strips and squares in preparation.  This is the aftermath, with all of the scraps, crumbs, and threads cleared away. 

I looked through a LOT of scraps and remnants, and might have gotten more done in a shorter period of time if I hadn't stopped to admire selvages.

I wonder if this is a disease, obsession, addiction or what?  I have made a couple of selvage projects and so far have only inspired one other person (Thanks, Sue Fry!)  I keep saving them and now people bring me their selvages, too.

Have you seen these blocks???  I made them last fall.  Then I put them aside to take care of more pressing things.  Now they are missing in action.  I think that I put them in a box.  Is it at the store or at the house???  Sally says that when I find that, I might find her missing passport or the new checks that I just ordered.  I put them in a "safe" place instead of the "usual" place.  That should teach me.

When I find them, they will be my next selvage project.

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Rayna said...

Love those selvage squares! Look forward to seeing you in the morning!