Saturday, June 22, 2013

What a difference a day makes

Our second day with Rayna Gillman FLEW by.  We had such a wonderful time, working and watching what our fellow classmates were coming up with.  I put away some of my strip sets from the first day and concentrated on these units that were more unified in color.  Bits of black and white, plus narrow accent strips of lime green and orange livened things up. 

I played with these little units...

Then wondered how they would all work together...

Little by little the composition took shape.

Here it is, ready for quilting.  My only regret is that I am going on a short trip and can't quilt it TOMORROW!!

Here's Rayna, taking a look at Paula's work in progress.

Here's Lori M., making dozens of interesting elements for her piece.

Debby's composition is close to completion.

Katherine's is ready to go!  She had a second piece finished by the end of the day, but I missed getting a picture.  It was totally different, all shades of lime green.

Charlotte's piece was lovely and restful, in shades of periwinkle blue.

Behind the scenes, there was chaos on every sewing table.

Making art is messy work!

Thanks, Rayna!!!

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Twisted Quilts said...

How interesting. I love what you did, the bits of black really set off the blues.