Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wait and See

I've finished another challenge quilt ... think I'll keep it under wraps until it's official unveiling in March.  I've shown bits of it before, but not the final product.

Meanwhile, I've been playing with the scraps from the above-mentioned project.  Little one inch wide strips, sewn at an angle.  Karen Griska described how she sewed her skinny strips in a fantastic fan quilt that I saw at the Empire Quilters Guild quilt show in NYC a few years back.  She wouldn't have any reason to remember me, but was kind enough to describe her methods as I admired her quilt.
Curious?  I'll let you know where I'm going with this next time!

(Karen is FAMOUS for her book Quilts From the Selvage Edge.  Oh, how I love selvages!)

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