Monday, January 21, 2013

Reverse Applique

In the last post "Wait and See", I showed raw materials for a reverse applique project.  It's another based on Jan Mullen's book Reverse Applique with No Brakez.  I've made just about a zillion of them (which I'd better show in a future post) but since I was offering it again as a class, I thought I'd put together a fresh sample.  Here's the work in progress - kind of hard to see the white markings, but it is a duck with big feet.  What's so fun about this process is that there is a pieced hidden layer that is revealed when the top layer is cut away.  You never quite know what you'll get.

I also have a GREEN activity coming up in the near future, so I got to thinking about shamrocks.  I couldn't find too many examples of shamrock quilt blocks, so made my own adaptation of one I saw on the internet.  Four blocks are going together to make a table topper.  I like it so far, but it will look even better when the borders go on.

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