Friday, January 4, 2013

Skinny Strips

So much for improvisational sewing.  When all was said and done, I couldn't keep myself from matching the seams where these four elements came together.  

I was not happy with that first piece, so I found some more scraps and cut some more strips.  I am trying to make myself use skinnier strips.  And I plan to make a lot of "elements" before I mix and match and try to come up with an arrangement.  I like what I made today.
When I got tired of the strips yesterday, I went looking for more trouble.  I pulled out one of the painted fabric pieces that I began way last October.
I layered and machine quilted wavy lines following some of the lines in the paint.  Then I used my "Pearl and Piping" foot to couch yarn, also echoing some of the wavy lines.  It was the first time that I had used the $30 foot that I "needed".  I must say that it worked like a charm.   
This was originally just an episode of playing with paint, not a conscious effort at composition and design.  Now I'm trying to pull it all together.  I've added some hand stitching with pearl cotton.  I also painted in flower centers (first I painted dryer sheets to use for the centers, but couldn't figure out what to do besides just making big yo-yos). 
I found some beads that I might possibly use.  And then I made some little square polymer clay beads that also might work.
It needs more painting and stitching.  GREAT - now I have two projects in progress that I'm going to struggle with!!!

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