Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Paint was the Answer

While I was fretting over the little painted piece the other night, I added a few more beads after the facing was applied.  I was not happy with the lack of contrast between the blossoms and the background.  Finally, this morning, I decided to just PAINT.  I'm calling it done now.
Katherine sent me a message to check out a scrap-booking blog ..... it had a NEAT-O idea for creating one of a kind stencils.  I drew this with a hot glue gun on a silicone sheet (can also use parchment paper).  After the glue is cool and hard, it peels right off.  I'm going to use it with a little spray paint.
I love it when I can jump right in and try a project that uses only common household objects.

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P. said...

The painting made a difference. Looks great! Interesting technique for the stencil from hot glue.