Monday, February 27, 2012

A Walk Through My Garden

"A Walk Through My Garden" is the official name of the challenge.  And mine is done!  The last bead was sewn on this morning.  The official unveiling will come on Saturday, when the Artrageous Fiber Art group meets.  Each member was challenged to create a garden quilt 12" x 30", the only other requirement was that each should contain some of the same green batik.  Last year, 14 finished challenge pieces were returned, so we hope to see that many or more this time around.    
I enjoyed each part of the process.  With the embellishments, I was able to add a lot of details that can only be seen with a close-up look.  I found a perfect little bee bead that I added near the top, along with just a sprinkling of gold sparkly seed beads.
A wide piece of a novelty yarn was remodeled to become a caterpillar.
Some very dainty bead flowers grow along the side of the path.
 The edges of the "cement" border were softened by adding a little bit of yarn "moss" spilling over.
What does the back look like?  (I often wonder when I see other quilts online.)
So, what comes next?  All that is left to do on the "Phone Book Quilt" is the binding.  I have a new pattern that I want to write up, also.  AND, Sally Ruth and I got together again to play with crayons.....

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Katie Kleber said...

absolutely LOVE the little details in the "garden" quilt - wish i could have seen it "in person." maybe next time : )

(good to see you today!)