Monday, February 6, 2012


Guess what?  The SHATTERED quilt is finished!  It is in response to the challenge "I am _______" for the Greenville, NC guild show in April.  I really, really enjoyed the process, using tons of free form big stitch quilting. 

The colors show up more vividly in the close-up shots.

The bad news is that there is another challenge, this one due the first weekend in March.  Just like a school project, I've known about this a long time, but just recently got serious about it.  The theme is "A Walk in My Garden".  Last night I took out the materials that I had gathered earlier.
With Baby's approval, I pulled out the acrylic paints, fabric medium, stencil brush and freezer paper to stencil stems and leaves.
A while back I had felted a roll of different colored wool.  I sliced it and I think that the result will make interesting flower centers.  I also cut and fused some more leaves.
I like the direction this is taking.  I'll have to do mostly machine stitching and quilting, so I think there is a good chance it will be ready in time.