Thursday, April 6, 2017

Under Construction

Sorry I've been away so long!  Recently I have been having a lot of fun making scrappy blocks from all sorts of left-overs.  I sew, trim, press, sew, trim, press until I can cut out a 6 1/2" square. 

First I made this little table topper.  Nine blocks, machine quilted and machine appliqued.

One of the ladies in a local quilt group makes charity quilts all the time and always starts out with new fabric.  She has a lot of scraps left over and she gives them to Lizzie.  Lizzie makes scrappy blocks and sells them in lots of 50 or 100.  But Lizzie is 92 and can't keep up with all the scraps, so she has given me a healthy supply. 

I decided that I needed to figure out a creative way to put some together instead of just block to block.

This is what is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".  To add some interest, I made a few wonky bird blocks.  And a star up in the top row.  I'm thinking about borders now.  There's a big wide stripe with lots of color that I'm considering.  Wait and see.


Rayna said...

Love this yellow quilt; it is so modern! My vote would be to lose the border - just face it and you ave a whimsical, beautiful modern quilt!

Lori R. said...

Too late! I found a giant stripe that picks up the colors. Mitering corners now ....

Rayna said...

I love the idea of a sriped border, too. Look forward to seeing the picture!