Friday, July 11, 2014

Strata Blocks

Here's where I started with the brown squares:

And here's what they look like today.  Forty strata blocks a la Scott Murkin. They are so BROWN because they are part of a "paint chip challenge" and I drew brown.  I've already made some other brown elements that may or may not work with these blocks.  There might be two paint chip projects. 

I decided that it was definitely time to quilt the first strata project.  The last time you saw it, the top was pinned to the wall.

Yesterday I basted and started the machine quilting.

In between times, I also managed to make some new store samples.  These cute pincushions from a new pattern called "Pincushion Panache".

Now, back to the machine quilting .......

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P. said...

Love your curvy strip piecing!