Friday, July 18, 2014

Growth Rings

My first strata style quilt, "Growth Rings", is finished.  Four and a half bobbins later!

I'm very happy with the results and already started on my next strata project. Here's a close up so you can see how I used up so much thread.  

From there, I went on to work on those tubes that will become the Bailey Island Hobo Bag.  Unfortunately, I ran into all sorts of trouble.  All of the tubes have to be zig-zagged together and the thread kept breaking, then I was skipping stitches.  I changed to a denim needle as the pattern recommended, but that didn't help either.  My Babylock is a wonderful machine, but sometimes it does miss stitches when sewing through several thicknesses.  Today I may get out my OLD Singer and see what she can do.


Rayna said...

Nice! Love the movement in this piece, Lori.

NickiJ said...

This is way cool! Very catching, but I bet hard to do. Keep up the great work.