Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Around and Around and Around

I'm still quilting the strata quilt shown in the last post.  Here is what it looks like on the back.  See why it's taking me so long?  The walking foot and my quilting gloves are a great help, but it is still very time consuming.  I've thought of a great name:  Growth Rings.

Never wanting to run out of unfinished projects, I cut more squares over the weekend.

These fabrics came from my batik stash.  I had two piles going while I sorted, the other one was blues, greens, aquas.  This pile won.

What in the world is this?

I'm making a "Bailey Island Hobo Bag".  I had a few strips left over from the jewel box quilt top, so just added to them.  It's kind of funny to have three projects in a row the same color scheme.

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