Friday, October 18, 2013

Old and New

While I continue to think about the next step in my strippy quilt, I have not been idle!  Earlier this year I taught a class at the local guild for a pattern that I call "Phone Book Quilt".  It's an adaptation of a traditional pattern, and uses phone book pages for the foundation.  I already had a finished quilt made like this, but in the process of demonstrating, I started another.  Not as big this time, just 24 blocks.  I ran across the blocks in the closet the other day and decided it was time to put them together!

The first version did not have a border.  Scrap quilts back in the olden days often did not have borders.  Those quilters were using scraps and might not have yardage that they could spare for borders.  I have plenty of the black batik.  It will be the binding for sure and I MIGHT add just a narrow border, too.

Continuing with the theme finishing up class samples, I decided that it was high time that I sewed together the blocks I made during the last "Beginning Quilting" class.  There is a very good commercial pattern called "TAKE 5", by The Teacher's Pet.  I have made two.  The only draw-back is that it calls for 5/8 yards of the five fabrics, not very stash-friendly.  I came up with my own version, using six fabrics, that works with fat quarters and half yards.  Class is over, everybody got their quilt top together and most are quilted, except for me!  This morning I lay the blocks out on the floor to come up with a pleasing arrangement and then began to sew the rows together.  By the way, I call this "TAKE 6".

This week's class was an easy table runner.  I had a finished sample and this time I got busy and finished the demo too!  After all, it was a small project. One will be a Christmas present.

Now is time for true confessions.  There is an idea that I have been dying to try.  So I made some selections..........

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