Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Artrageous Fun

I hosted a meeting of Artrageous Quilters on Saturday.  What began as a planned screen printing activity, turned into a free-for-all of color and dye!

Inside the store, Judy Glover demonstrated printing using thermofax screens. Here are some of the results, laying outside to dry.

While screen printing was going on inside, something else was happening outside!

I was in and out, so can't give too accurate a description.  I believe that the fabric was dampened, then sand applied, and finally, dye was dripped and drizzled over the top.  The whole thing has to be completely dry before sand is removed and it is rinsed, so I don't have any finished pieces to show.  

Because I was in and out so much, I didn't get to participate in the printing or dyeing.  But, we had another activity!  I soaked two fat quarters of muslin in half and half solution of vinegar and water, then packed them in a baggie with rusty bolts, chain and torn of pieces of steel wool.  After three days, this is what I have.

So, that is probably the beginning of another project.

But in the meantime..........

A friend used a jelly roll for a class project.  The project called for 1 1/2" strips, not 2 1/2", so she had to trim them!  Then she gave me the skinny scraps!  I've just gotten started, but here it is so far:

Once again, stay tuned!