Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I Should Be Doing

What I should be doing vs. what I am doing.  Hmmm....  Well, today I made a list of a lot of different sewing and shop-related things that I want/need to accomplish in the near future.  I made some batik fat quarter bundles for the store.  THAT was on the list.  Then the plan fell apart.

Last Saturday, I taught a class on the Twisted Wreath Wall hanging.  I had already made two of them, so I put together a very simple sample to demonstrate the method.  The borders went on on Tuesday evening.  Today I quilted it.

I had thought about a variety of ways to quilt this, but in the end, I used the sewing machine.  I was quite pleased with the way I decided to quilt the pinwheels.  Maybe I'll put a tiny bead in the center of each.

I've promised a binding demonstration in my beginners class Tuesday, so will finish this then.

This evening, I finally had a chance to make a Zipper Critter (Indigo Junction). 

Mine is on the left.  My friend Carolyn made and loaned me the other one earlier so I would have a sample in the shop.  So homely they are cute!

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