Friday, August 16, 2013

Raindrops on Roses .....

It's time for another challenge!  This time I was in charge - the participants are members of the Tar River Piecemakers Quilters Guild in Rocky Mount.  I chose the fabric, a red paisley Kay England print from Wilmington Prints and I chose the theme, "My Favorite Things".  I even furnished everyone a copy of the lyrics of the song.

Until this week, this quilt was in my head only.  I had lots of thoughts floating around, but I hadn't started sewing yet.  My friend Sally has had hers DONE for a month.  Yikes!!

I already have one Rolling Stones (one of my favorite things) quilt, so I decided to make this quilt about CATS.  I know how to make free-form pieced letters, courtesy of Tonya Riccuci:

Next, I decided to surround the word with the kind of easily pieced blocks that I used in my pattern "Crooked on Purpose".

I chose coordinating fabrics, cut and sewed this morning, then pressed and trimmed the blocks this afternoon.  Here they are, arranged around the word on the table.  

I'll add some cat cut-outs to the final version.

It needs some fine-tuning, but I'm happy with the direction this is going.  Now I think that I need to go and quilt some more STRAIGHT LINES on that log cabin quilt.  (I optimistically prepared the binding today, too!)

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