Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Challenge Completed!

Back on December 18, I gave a progress report and a pretty thorough description of the March challenge.  It was a year-long challenge with the local "Artrageous Fiber Art" quilt group.  I began working in earnest last May, then in fits and starts all year.  Now it is MARCH and the challenges will all be revealed tomorrow!

Here is the final result, finished size 30" x 22":
Here is the back side:
This was one of those 2-gallon-bag challenges, where participants swapped zip-lock bags full of "stuff".  I was not real happy in the beginning.  The largest single piece in the bag was a JoAnn's pre-printed skirt panel.  I ended up turning it to my advantage, using it for backing and binding and fussy cutting pink for the piecing of the word "recycle".  That's what I felt I was doing with the "stuff" in  the bag!  I AM happy with the results.

Tomorrow, the quilts will be given back to the member who supplied the original bag.  I can't wait to see what another person has done with my bag of "stuff"!!!

Included in the rules was the provision that we could make a quilt for ourselves to keep with the supplies in the bag.  Back in my posts on Jan. 17 and 21, I showed the beginning of a reverse applique project.  It was made with left-overs from the challenge and tonight it is finished too!
Here is it's back side (more of that horrible panel!) 
I hope that I can get some pictures of the other challenge pieces to share.


P. said...

Fantastic, both of them! Perfect use of the rainbow fabric on the backs. Cute reverse applique piece!

QuiltSwissy said...

Don't you love what you become when you stop hating the fabric you got and get into the project! I have been there, got really bad stuff.

And loved the outcome!


Jean Kritenbrink said...

Both are very cute! Would it be too much trouble to send me the rules of this challenge? I have a small group (5) of quilting friends, and think this would be a fun challenge for us. I went back and read your Dec. post, but wasn't sure if you had rules about size, amount of fabric in the bag...etc. Thanks!