Saturday, October 8, 2011


Do you know what tessellations are?  I didn't, 20+ years ago when I registered for a class at the NC Quilt Symposium with that name.  Anyway, tessellations are shapes that fit together side to side, not overlapping and not leaving gaps.  Squares side by side are tessellations, so are the hexagons in Grandmother's Flower Garden.  They are all around us, whether we know their fancy name or not.
Today I taught a class at the shop called "Tessellating Leaves Table Topper".  A new pattern is in the works!  We made 3" finished paper pieced blocks.  When fit together, they give the illusion of tessellations. 
When I teach, I demonstrate, and then I have another unfinished project!!!  When class was over, I stayed with it and finished piecing all of my blocks.  Now I'm trimming and will start to put it together soon.  Stay tuned - when the new sample is ready for photography, I'll put the finishing touches on the pattern.

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