Friday, July 17, 2015

Slowly but Surely

Remember this one?

It started as woven strips.  Then I designed the overlay to expose as much of the "weaving" as I could.  NOW it's finished!  I added red zigzag around all of the green edges, some red paint, and quilted with yellow thread.  I finished the facing this week.  It's title is "Now and Venn".

The weaving began as an exercise at our "Artrageous Quilters" meeting.  We were challenged to make something and bring it to the next meeting.

At that next meeting, we made leaf prints, using real leaves and acrylic INK (not paint, not dye).

I printed one fat quarter of muslin that day.  It has been sitting around ever since, waiting for inspiration.

Last night, I decided to try out another pattern from Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shaw.  (I am a huge fan.)  I found a batik to pair with it, that had similar colors and a leafy design!  I cut and sewed, cut and sewed.

The fat quarter was only enough to make two blocks like this.  I need to press each section, trim and sew.  Fun to do, I will explore this pattern again. Wonder how long it will take me to get things ready for the next showing here?


rush said...

I love both of these projects. I was lucky enough to see the top one in person. The colors work so well together. I'm going to have to ask how to make it. I think I should do some small projects, because big ones aren't happening!

It looks like you have so much fun with the artrageous quilters. I think if I had remained in the area, I would have joined with this group and stayed! I am in need of "forcing" myself to do something different, be creative AND do several small projects!

Loved seeing you and the QWAC gang on Friday! You are all very special to us.

Jean said...

I love the circles...they are awesome! I want to make this. Was this technique in a book or did you make it up? I teach a lot of classes, and if I try to make it, I'm sure to have others who will want to, too.

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