Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Orange Again

I finished this up last week, but forgot to post a picture.

Preview of things to come:  I had some nice left-overs from the first wonky rail fence quilt from the Cultural Fusion book.  I was using mostly red and yellow French prints that I bought from French Connections, here in NC.  When I saw them in NYC, I bought a few more FQ.  

I had a picture of a quilt, credited to www.materialobsession.com  called "Fractured", that I had saved oh, so long ago.  The other day, a friend showed me a copy of the very same picture.  So, I went to a file of "saved ideas" and managed to put my hands on it.  THAT'S what I'm doing with the left-overs!

This one's a little more involved than Sujata's idea.  Because they are 9-patches, it isn't just a matter of making the same block over and over or making mirror images.  I was getting mixed up, so made myself pictures using my old version of EQ.  And remember, these are left-overs, so by necessity the individual blocks are only 3".  I've got a handle on it now and when my mailman brings the next fat quarters .....

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