Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowed in Again

When the snow came to eastern North Carolina yesterday, classes were cancelled for safety's sake, and then I had the afternoon to myself!

I was happy to return to the "birds" project.  I had originally planned on making a twelve block wall hanging, but after making seven, I decided that a six block piece was as large as I wanted it to be.

Nothing is measured during the piecing process, so the blocks are all different sizes.  The answer is to add over sized borders to each block (3" or 4" depending on the block), and then trimming to a uniform size.  I trimmed them all to 14" this morning and put the little birds together.  Here's the top, flapped out on the floor.  I've chosen the backing and located a batting, so I'll start putting in all together now.

These were a LOT of fun and there will definitely be more birds in my future!

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